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Water Treatment Plants

These are just a few of the projects we have designed and fabricated for Water Treatment Plants.  Due to concerns over rusting, we typically use aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

Custom Flange Adapters

Brass ACME Left Hand Nut for Waste Water Slide Gates

Stainless Steel Motor/Bearing Housing w/Aluminum Weather Cover

Inside View of Stainless Steel Motor/Bearing Housing

Blower Support for Stainless Steel Motor/Bearing Housing

Aluminum Floor Drain Covers w/Stainless Steel Retracting Handles

Backside view of Aluminum Floor Drain Covers

Aluminum Waste Water Diversion Slide Gate

Back view of Aluminum Waste Water Diversion Slide Gate

Conveyor Hubs

Stainless Steel Drain Covers w/Retracting Handles

Flange Adapter for Pump Hanger

Side view of Flange Adapter for Pump Hanger

Conveyor Shaft

Guides to ABB Safety Valves

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